Those of you that have been around for a bit may be aware that this journey of being a jewelry artist began with me swiping my mother's supplies; One moment of frustration, when I was near giving-up on life as an artist, that I decided that beading a necklace would be just the thing.

That necklace was horrible. Really, truly. But I got enough from the experience that I felt compelled to share my creation with my mom. I was like a kid with crayons, who had just figured-out how to draw inside the lines. 

And mom? She was over the moon with joy at the brilliance of her daughter. No lie. Just like she was when I decided at two, that I was going to be an actress. Just like she was when I wrote a silly poem about a tree in kendergarten. Just like she was when I decided I was going to be an Olympic gymnast in 1980-something. Just like she was when I decided I was going to be a journalist and move to Paris in junior high. Just like she was when I told her, just a few months before my high school graduation, that I was going to make her a grandmother. Just like she was when I was employed, a student, unemployed or barely employed.

My mother passed-away two weeks ago.

Mom was my biggest chearleader. Saying that I am finding it easy to navigate forward without her nudging me from behind would be complete crap. For the time being, I am lost. But I see a light. Her light.

I will move forward. I'll go-on with my family; My children, husband, father and brother and we'll be good. I will move forward in being genuine in who I am and helping others become that as well. I will move forward with this crazy, hippie chick, flamboyant pagan, jewelry artist life, because mom would have totally been down with that.

Mom, the rest is for you.