• The Girl from Before

    2017 is winding to a close and I am, once again, reflecting upon what I’ve done and what there is yet to do before the year’s end. I’m not planning though. It’s not for fear that I’ve no future, but more that, at 42, I know the fluidity life requires.
  • A Year and a Day: January

    January, for me, has always been about beginnings. In Wiccan ideology, it is believed that at the moment of death (Winter Solstice) rebirth begins. The winter months appear barren on the outside, but inside new life is already developing.
  • Observe and Record

    To say that I have gone inward since my mother's passing would be the understatement of the century. Okay. Maybe of just the year. But me sitting in my studio, in my pajamas that I have probably been wearing for at-least three days, drinking my third pot of coffee (yes, pot,) partaking a little too much in certain vices, and drawing random objects and constructing pose that only makes since to myself... Yep. That's where I've been.
  • Unexpected Feels

    There are many things you think you are prepared for when it comes to grief. You expect the heavy sobbing, bouts of anger, and sense off loss. What you do not expect? A full-on identity crisis that leaves you nearly incapable of functioning.
  • For Mom

    That necklace was horrible. Really, truly. But I got enough from the experience that I felt compelled to share my creation with my mom. I was like a kid with crayons, who had just figured-out how to draw inside the lines.

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