Craft with Intent is Art

Wired Bohemian began (according to Etsy) in 2013. A painter at the time, I was working out of a studio I had made in my parents’ basement. My parents’ basement.

I’d not sold a piece in a while and was becoming increasingly desperate. I’d already gone through all of the usual madness that happens when I am not feeling good about my art (Always a mistake!): I’d look at other, more successful artists’ work; I attempted to make things that I thought would be more marketable; I strived, like never before, to make my work something more acceptable to the general population. I was miserable. Depressed. I wanted to give-up art.

As I almost always do when I am feeling at the end, I turned to my gods. Incense was burned, intentions were set and candles were lit. I looked for ways to remind me always of those intentions; I looked for physical items that could ground me in my goals; I turned to my crystals.

I’ve had many crystals over the years. I have lost many crystals over the years, and with them, my intentions. “Nope. Not this time! You’re no spring chicken. Now or never, girl!” I needed a way to keep my stones on my person, but in a manner that they were always visible.

My first attempts at crafting my stones into something wearable were effective, but not very pretty. They functioned, but did nothing to honor the stones (You only need go back through my “sales” page on Etsy to see just how beginner they were!); They did nothing to honor the Earth. They just were. This was partially because my skill-level wasn’t there yet, partially because I had not made the connection between art and functionality; That was before I was able to understand that they could exist together and they could do so in the most beautiful manner!

That moment did not come until nearly a year later. To my delight, it was while working with amber and jet, the Witchiest stones of them all. At the time, I had wanted to create a piece that declared my pagan heart with absolute certainty, like “Hey! Here I am!” (Hence, the stone choices.) I wanted this declaration to be clear and without doubt, so I chose a heart as the symbol upon which to base my design. The heart is the thing we most associate with feelings, with our souls. In my soul, I am pagan.

I still have that piece; That heart. I will never sell it. It is far too personal. Also, my level of craft still wasn’t there and it rather hurts to wear it. But that’s not the point! The point is that through that piece I was able to make the connection between art and jewelry; I had finally found the medium that was going to allow me to express my soul in the clearest manner possible. For an artist, that moment is gold!

Since that time, my craft has managed to catch-up with my vision (What I visualize when I first start-out more closely resembles the finished product now,) but the original intention has always remained the same: My pieces are statements. My pieces are declarations. Sometimes they are small and hidden close to the heart. Sometimes they are big and bold and loud and you wear them in a manner just as big and bold and loud!

If one of my pieces helps you feel confident in making your own declaration? That’s when you will understand its purpose, my purpose and what Wired Bohemian is all about. ;-)

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